Gera Zoet (1973), a female dutch artist, paints symbolic portraits and sceneries, in which women play a leading role. Her works have been included in numerous exhibitions. She uses her own personal  impressions and dreams as an inspiration for her paintings. This gives her work a biographical character. 

Her paintings are about emotions and feelings, in al its gradations: from black to white to colourful. 
Emotions are personal, but each painting represents a more universal and broader theme. She calls herself an emotion painter. In her work she often uses symbols as a tool to express herself. The style is realistic and is characterized by strong contrasts:contrasts in color, dark and light and flat and spatial. With these elements she composes her own world in an unique and recognizable personal style. She gets inspired by nature, beauty and life itself.

The women in her work seem to be cut out of their surroundings, en reinstalled before them, which creates an  alienating atmosphere. Like they are not connected with their environment. Like in a lucid dream. They can liberate themselves at any moment.

Click on link below for an impression of a solo-exhibition.

Sfeer-impressie van mijn Solo-expositie, juni 2017